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• Driver Evaluation and Training for People with Disabilities •

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Adaptive Experts provides professionals that are state licensed Occupational therapy practitioners with expertise as licensed driving instructors. Because of the very specific needs of our clients, it is our firm belief that it is imperative to provide both medical expertise as well as driver education. Our expert staff are available to consult with clients and specialized dealers to facilitate the process of obtaining and successfully driving a modified vehicle.


Our highly experienced staff are trained to work with all disabilities, beginning or experienced drivers, and any level of vehicle modification. We work very closely with our clients, their families, and various professionals to assist in making appropriate decisions regarding the transition to driving.

Convenient on-site service allows for evaluation and training in the client’s own driving environment, and greatly benefits those clients who have difficulty arranging transportation

      • Alzheimer’s & Dementia
      • Amputation
      • Arthritis
      • Brain injury
      • Cerebral palsy
      • Learning/Cognitive disability
      • Multiple sclerosis
      • Muscular dystrophy
      • Neuropathy
      • Orthopedic injuries
      • Post-polio
      • Senior drivers
      • Spina bifida
      • Spinal cord injury
      • Stroke
      • Visual impairment ... and others


Comprehensive driving evaluation determines the extent of a disability and how this impacts the ability to drive safely. Safety is our highest priority. Our precise evaluation includes clinical pre-driver screening along with behind-the-wheel assessment and adaptive equipment recommendations.

Behind-the-wheel evaluation includes:

      • Vehicle entry/seating
      • Operation of secondary controls
      • Adaptive equipment, if needed
      • Vehicle operation
      • Knowledge of traffic rules
      • Judgement/Decision-making
      • Visual awareness, attention

Ability to safely negotiate typical traffic environments. The results of our evaluation are first discussed
with our client, and then a detailed written report with recommendations is sent to the client, their physician, and/or the referral source.


On-road instruction and training can be done in a regular car or specialized vehicle. All of our vehicles are equipped with an instructor brake, and if needed, a full range of adaptive driving controls
are also available.

      • Instruct in use of adaptive equipment
      • Refresh driving skills
      • Instruct new drivers
      • Teach compensatory techniques, defensive driving
      • Develop confidence for independent driving
      • Follow-up training in client’s modified vehicle
      • Prepare for DMV road test

We offer a wide range of specialized vehicles from sedans to wheelchair accessible vans, which are adapted on the spot for low, moderate and high technology.

      • Electronic gas/brake control
      • Gear selector/key extensions
      • Hand controls for gas or brakes
      • Joystick gas/brake/steering
      • Left foot accelerator
      • Remote electronic steering
      • Remote or voice activated secondary controls
      • Right-hand turn signal lever
      • Seating adaptations
      • Steering devices
      • Touch pad secondary controls
      • Wide-angle mirrors
      • Zero-effort steering


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